Rise in food poisoning linked to eggs

8 June 2017

People are reminded to avoid eating raw or partially cooked eggs as a result of a rise in salmonella infections.

Eggs in a carton

A recent study has shown that eating raw or runny eggs is a significant cause of illness.

Eggs are a good source of vitamins and minerals but like many other foods they can be contaminated with bacteria, including Salmonella. It is important that you handle and prepare eggs safely to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

It is best to avoid any uncooked foods or dishes that contain raw egg and don't use cracked or dirty eggs. This is because it is impossible to guarantee the safety of eating raw eggs and dishes that contain unpasteurised raw egg products. This includes breakfast dishes containing eggs, desserts and aoli.

Prepare egg dishes as close as possible to the time of consuming and refrigerate at or below 5°C.

It is important to wash and dry your hands thoroughly after handling eggs. Learn about hand hygiene.

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