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Caring for your healed burn with a retention dressing

The retention dressing can be left in place until it comes off by itself. It usually stays on for 5 to 7 days.

  • If the dressing gets dirty, you may wish to change it before it comes off naturally.
  • You may need to take your pain medication before changing your dressing.
  • Remove the old retention dressing (see oiling your dressing).
  • Wash the burn wound under running water using non-perfumed soap.
  • Dry the area gently with a clean towel (the retention dressing will not stick to moist skin).

Apply the dressing to the surface of the wound

  • Do not stretch the retention dressing!
  • Allow an overlap of 2cm of the dressing on to non-burned skin.
  • If covering a joint, apply the retention dressing with the joint bent so that the stretch of the dressings allows normal movement afterwards.
  • When joining two pieces of the dressing over the wound surface allow no more than 2cm overlap of the dressing.


State Burns Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital

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