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Health service costs (video transcript)


It's confusing, I never know how to find a doctor or how much it will cost and then it might cost more for medical tests.


In Australia doctors charge a standard fee for an appointment.


You can ask when you book your appointment so you can be prepared.


I've got overseas student health cover and I had to get that to be allowed to study here.


But I'm not sure what's covered and what I have to pay for or how much I’ll get back.


People with overseas student health cover will get some or all of their consultation fee back.


Medication may cost extra, talk to your doctor or Student Health Service about your situation.


Free sexual health clinics operate at Royal Perth, Fremantle and Fiona Stanley hospitals.


It's all so confusing, sometimes it's just easier to think about your health questions later.


It's easy to think "I will think about that later", but when it comes to health, you want to make sure you're ok.


Especially, when you could be making other people sick too.


Men and women with sexually transmitted infections often feel healthy but the infection is causing permanent damage inside.


If they don't get treatment they might not be able to have children.


It isn't hard to check that you're OK and treatment is usually simple and not expensive.


You can call the sexual health helpline to learn more about where to go for health advice.


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