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The importance of safe sex (video transcript)


Let’s talk about a little word with a powerful message…


It’s called sex and it means different things to different people.


Some people find it easy to talk about sex with their girlfriend or boyfriend, husband


or wife, friends and doctors, but it can make some of us feel uncomfortable.


Where I’m from, you know, we have like this awkward feeling every time we talk about sex.


I think we should embrace it and not be scared of it, because It’s a normal thing.


Sex is meant to be enjoyable – safe sex means caring for your health and your partners


health by preventing sexually transmitted infection (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.


I’d much rather wear a condom than get an STI!


I’ve been thinking like about my future. I want to have a family. I don’t want to get a sexually transmitted infection because it could make me infertile, which means I wouldn’t be able to have children.


Back home, I never thought about like condoms or safe sex, you know, nobody really talks about these things.


Sexual health and safe sex is about building healthy relationships and protecting each other.


Using a condom every time you have sex will help keep you and your partner safe.


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