Get vaccinated for influenza

26 May 2021

The influenza vaccination campaign was launched today to encourage all eligible Western Australians, including those ‘at risk’, to get vaccinated. This campaign reinforces the importance for you to protect yourself and others by getting your annual influenza vaccination.

Senior standing in front of a brick wall

While you should get the influenza vaccine as early as possible to give yourself the best protection over the winter influenza season, you should avoid getting it within 14 days of a COVID-19 vaccine dose.

It’s also important to be aware that the COVID-19 vaccine does not protect against influenza, so you should still have an influenza vaccine.

Seasonal influenza is a common, highly-contagious, potentially serious viral respiratory illness. Annual vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza.

Children, pregnant women, seniors and Aboriginal people are among those most at risk of serious complications from influenza ­and are eligible for a free influenza vaccine.

Even if you are young and healthy, getting vaccinated helps to protect others in the community who are at increased risk of influenza and its complications.

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