Department of Health Human Research Ethics Committee

The Department of Health WA Human Research Ethics Committee (DOH HREC) is a Human Research Ethics Committee with special responsibility for oversight of the use and disclosure of personal health information held in the Department of Health data collections.

On 30 November 2018, all projects with DOH HREC approval were migrated to the Research Governance Service (RGS) system.  All amendment requests,  annual progress reports and final reports must now be submitted via the RGS.

For queries regarding submission of documents in the RGS please contact or 08 9222 6874.

If you do not have an RGS account, please sign up via the following link

Application process

All new research projects must be submitted through the Research Governance Service information technology system (RGS). The RGS system can be accessed through the RGS website (external site).

Applicants for ethics approval please note that the Committee expects an application to be finalised (proofread, edited and corrected) before submission. This particularly applies to participant information sheets and consent forms. Participant information sheets should be relevant to the needs of the participants in each project and written in plain English. Please refer to the following fact sheet for further advice.

All projects requesting linked or un-linked statewide data must complete and upload an Application for Data form along with the RGS application.

Other forms

Research governance
The Department's Research Development Unit coordinates governance for projects conducted at the Department of Health which require access to Departmental personnel, data or tissue collections. 

For further information about the research governance review process or about your obligations to obtain site authorisation, visit the Research Governance Office webpage.

Information Asset Register

The WA Health Information Register contains information about data collections within the WA health system.

Project summaries for approved proposals














More information

HREC Executive Officer
Phone: 9222 4214
Post: PO Box 8172
Perth Business Centre
Perth WA 6849

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