Environmental health referrals

Environmental health referrals allow primary and other health practitioners to identify when an Aboriginal patient presents with a preventable illness related to their environment and would benefit from an environmental health assessment of their home.

Environmental health related illnesses include medical conditions such as scabies and a range of skin, gastro-intestinal, chest, ear, nose and throat related infections. With the consent of the patient, a referral from the clinic or discharging hospital to the local environmental health Service Provider effects a home assessment to determine whether the health hardware is functional and supports healthy living.

Environmental health home assessment

The focus of the referral is to assist with identifying and remediating risks in the home and living environment that can cause illness and disease. Any deficiencies are identified and either repaired at the time of the environmental health assessment or referred to the housing maintenance provider to follow up. This process is now in place in many areas of remote Western Australia and plays a key role in preventative health in Aboriginal communities.

Environmental health referral templates

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