Hepatitis A

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Important information

  • Infectious agent: Hepatitis A virus.
  • Transmission: Faecal-oral.
  • Incubation period: 15 to 50 days (usually 28 to 30 days).
  • Infectious period: 2 weeks before onset of symptoms to 7 days after jaundice appears.
  • Case exclusion: Exclude for at least one week after onset of jaundice or two weeks after onset of symptoms (if not jaundiced). Extra exclusion may apply for high risk groups.
  • Contact exclusion: Do not exclude. Contact management will be coordinated by local public health staff.
  • Treatment: Varies according to symptoms refer to doctor.
  • Immunisation: Recommended for Aboriginal children at 1 year and 18 months of age, some travellers and occupational groups refer to doctor. Recommended that children be vaccinated according to the Western Australian immunisation schedule. See Australian Immunisation Handbook, Department of Health – Hepatitis A (external site).
  • Case follow-up: Is conducted by local public health units (Healthy WA).

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