Hepatitis E

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Important information

  • Infectious agent: Hepatitis E virus (HEV).
  • Transmission: Faecal-oral, water-borne, food-borne.
  • Incubation period: 15 to 64 days (usually 26 to 42 days).
  • Infectious period: Period of communicability is not known. HEV has been detected in stools 14 days after the onset of jaundice.
  • Case exclusion: Exclude for at least one week after onset of jaundice or two weeks after onset of symptoms (if not jaundiced). Extra exclusion may apply for high risk groups.
  • Contact exclusion: Do not exclude. Contact management will be coordinated by Public Health staff.
  • Treatment: Varies according to symptoms – refer to doctor.
  • Immunisation: none available.
  • Case follow-up: Is conducted by local public health units (Healthy WA).


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