Local government enforcement agencies – Public Health Act

Local government enforcement agencies have a significant role in the administration and enforcement of the Public Health Act 2016.

WA Health has produced the Public Health Act 2016 Handbook (PDF 5 MB) to support local government authorised officers to interpret and administer the Act. The document summarises key provisions of the new Public Health Act and also provides practical advice to support persons who are authorised under the legislation.

It is anticipated that the Handbook will be updated following the enactment of stage 5 of the Public Health Act, when the Act becomes fully operational. Feedback on the Handbook should be emailed to publichealthact@health.wa.gov.au 

Each Part of the Public Health Act relevant to the functions of local government are also summarised below.

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Part 1  Objects and principles of the Public Health Act 
Part 2  Reporting requirements for enforcement agencies
Designation of authorised officers 
Asbestos amendments - appointments / approvals for authorised officers 
Part 3 General public health duty
Part 4 Serious public health risks and material public health risks
Part 5 Public health plans
Part 8 Registration and licensing 
Part 14 Improvement notices and enforcement orders
Part 16 Powers of entry inspection and seizure
Part 17  Crown exemptions
Forms and Chief Health Officer guidelines
Health local laws
Last reviewed: 16-12-2020
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