Non-Admitted Data Collections

The Non-Admitted Patient Activity and Wait List Data Collection (NAPAAWL DC) is a statewide patient-level collection of referral and activity records from all public hospital outpatient departments and public patients from private service providers.

The Interim Collection of Aggregate Data (ICAD) is a statewide aggregate-level collection of service event activity from outpatient areas of public hospitals and public patients from private service providers where patient-level data are not yet available.

The data within the NAPAAWL and ICAD are integral to health service funding and also play an important role in facilitating the measurement and monitoring of outpatient programs.

Data governance

The Non-Admitted Data Collections team (NADC) within the Data Collections Directorate of Western Australia (WA) Department of Health manages NAPAAWL and ICAD. The Assistant Director General, Purchasing and System Performance is the data steward and the Manager of the NADC is the data custodian. These roles are defined and required by the Data Stewardship and Custodianship Mandatory Policy.

Maintenance of standards used for data recording and reporting is under the governance of the Non-Admitted Patient Data Standards Committee (NAP DSC) and the Executive Director, Information & System Performance.

Mandate for Collection

The WA Department of Health are mandated under the National Health Reform Act 2011 to provide quarterly to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) (external site) patient-level and aggregate-level datasets containing all non-admitted activity as service events. The datasets contain the non-admitted (proxy) classification coding of Tier 2 which is the national classification used by IHPA to fund states and territories for their non-admitted activity.

Data sources

There are a variety of established data systems used for recording referrals, scheduling appointments and recording the outcome of appointments. Table 1 lists the current information systems that are used to collect and report data to the NAPAAWL and the current information systems that are used to collect and report data to the ICAD.  As the systems are implemented into NAPAAWL this table will be updated.

TOPAS (Metro sites and Bunbury) ComCare (SilverChain)
HCARe/AOD (WACHS) Cardiobase (SCGH)
webPAS (Some metro sites and WACHS) MMEX (Fresenius Medical Care)
Titanium (PMH) eMED (SCGH)
ARIA (SCGH) Kintrack (KEMH)
AHS (All metro sites) OASIS (Sleep Clinic SCGH)
ePAS (PHC) Genie / ANRI (Perron Institute)
Meditech (PHC) MPACCS Palliative Care (Bethesda Hospital)
TotalCare (JHC) Chronic Diabetes (Diabetes Australia)
GENIE (JHC) Titanium (Oral Health Centre WA)
webPAS (SJOG Hospital Midland, Mt Lawley and Bunbury) Medibank (Residential Care Line)
MOSAIQ (GenesisCare) webPAS (SJOG Hospital MtLawley and Bunbury)
ComCare (SilverChain)  

Data elements

The NAPAAWL captures referral and activity information from outpatients and other non-admitted patients. The data items contained in the NAPAAWL are described as metadata here: NAPAAWL Metadata (external site).

Data coverage


Activity in-scope for collection and reporting to the NAPAAWL and ICAD include:
  • Non-admitted services in public hospitals 
  • publicly funded non-admitted services in private hospitals
  • publicly funded non-admitted services by contracted service providers


Activity out-of-scope for collection and reporting to the NAPAAWL and ICAD include:
  • privately funded non-admitted services in private hospitals
  • community health e.g. child health clinics
Data quality

Data quality checking and editing processes for non-admitted data are in development.

Data requests

Conditions may apply before provision of unit record data. Unit record data or complex data requests should be discussed with the NADC Data Custodian to determine the most useful data provision method.

To request data email: NADC Data Requests.

  • NAPAAWL data are available as unit record data and aggregate data.
  • ICAD data are available as aggregate data.

Note: NAPAAWL data are not yet linked by the WA Data Linkage Branch.

Data collection changes

Changes to collection requirements can occur from year to year. These changes are largely driven by Commonwealth mandates and may result in changes to local information systems and data collection operations. Any changes to the NAPAAWL or ICAD for the next financial year will be published here.

Requests for changes to the collection must follow the process outlined in the NAARRP Mandatory Policy’s DSSC Change Request Process Document (external site).

Change July 2018: Multidisciplinary Case Conference (MCC) where the patient is not present 

Multidisciplinary Case Conference (MCC) (where the patient is not present) can be used for non-admitted patient service events under the exceptions ruling from IHPA.

For information see MCC Info Sheet (PDF 240KB)

Change July 2017: MH Care Type

Mental Health Care Type was not authorised for use in non admitted areas. From July 2017 this code can be used for those non-admitted areas that provide specialist mental health care. For information on training, please email:

Reference material


NAPAAWL data are used for the Referrals to public outpatient surgical clinics Report.

User Manuals/guides

The document, Non-Admitted Activity Recording and Reporting Policy (NAARRP) (external site), is provided to ensure accurate and complete data held in the NAPAAWL and ICAD.

The data elements collected and reported to the NAPAAWL and ICAD align with the Non-Admitted Patient National Best Endeavours Data Set 2016-17 (external site) and the Non-admitted patient care hospital aggregate NMDS 2016-17 (external site). These metadata are developed and administered by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare (external site)

For local business rules and guidelines that support practical collection of these data elements, please refer to the Non-Admitted Activity Recording and Reporting Policy (NAARRP).

Technical Specifications/File Formats

The NAPAAWL Data Set Specification (external site) specifies data items and information currently in NAPAAWL. 

The NAPAAWL Satellite Data Set Specification (external site) specifies data items and information to be provided to enable implementation into NAPAAWL.

Please contact the Data Custodian for information regarding technical specifications and file formats. Contact information is provided below.

Reference Tables & Classifications

Forms & Templates

To request forms email: NADC Data Requests.

Training and education

Email to request training regarding non admitted data.

Contact information

Non-Admitted Data Collections Team:

Phone: (08) 6373 1889

Email: NADC Data Requests