Patient Safety Surveillance

WA Health is committed to ensuring that Western Australia’s public health system is designed to deliver safe and high quality health care. The Department of Health Clinical Governance Framework (PDF 492KB) outlines clinical governance roles and responsibilities along with core mechanisms for their implementation.

Our staff are renowned for providing excellent, evidence based care, governed by sound clinical practice and focused on preventing and reducing the impact of clinical incidents.

WA Health supports a ‘no blame’ culture so that clinical incidents are reported and lessons can be learnt. We take a systematic approach to patient safety which allows us to understand the nature and magnitude of clinical incidents and the factors that have contributed to their occurrence.

The reporting of clinical incidents is supported by the Clinical Incident Management (CIM) Policy and the new, web-based clinical incident management system – Datix CIMS.

Additional strategies to further strengthen the clinical incident management process include the Review of Death Policy and the WA Audit of Surgical Mortality. The purpose of these mortality reviews is to review patient deaths to identify those that may have been preventable so that care can be improved.

Another important aspect of monitoring patient safety is through the review and investigation of patient complaints.

WA Health also seeks to improve patient care through the review and implementation of health related findings from coronial inquests.

The Patient Safety Surveillance Unit integrates patient safety data in a number of reports which identify any patient safety issues that require greater focus, and assist clinicians and researchers in finding solutions to further improve health care delivery.

More information

Further information is available from the Patient Safety Surveillance Unit (WA Health staff only). This site contains clinical information and for this reason is only available to WA Health staff. Please contact for specific enquiries.

Last reviewed: 27-07-2021
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