Mutual Recognition of Pest Management Technical Licences in Western Australia

Mutual recognition is the principle that a person who is licensed in one state or territory for an occupation is entitled to have their interstate licence recognised by Western Australian (WA) licensing authorities. There are different types of mutual recognition that apply depending on whether you are moving to WA (mutual recognition) or are entering WA to undertake temporary work (automatic mutual recognition).

Automatic Mutual Recognition

Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) is for persons who are based in other States/Territories who may need to temporarily work in WA. If you are working in WA you may be recognised to undertake specific activities using your interstate licence. You are required to notify WA Health (external site) of your intent to work as a pest management technician in Western Australia. Once notification is submitted, WA Health will provide confirmation of your registration that includes a list of the pest management activities recognised as permitted to be undertaken in WA.

You may be able to use AMR if you hold a current pest technician licence in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory that permits the pest treatment activities you intend to carry out in WA.

Compliance with Health (Pesticide) Regulations 2011

A person must be familiar and comply with the Health (Pesticide) Regulations 2011 (external site). This includes the requirement that all pest management technicians in Western Australia must work for a Registered Pest Management Business. See Registering a Pest Management Business in Western Australia (PDF 167KB) if you need to apply to register a business. Non-compliance with the Health (Pesticide) Regulations 2011 can lead to suspension or cancellation of the automatically deemed registration to work in WA.

Mutual Recognition

Mutual Recognition is for persons who hold a licence in another State or Territory or in New Zealand who are intending to move to WA and make it their primary place of residence or work. If you are moving to WA you will need to apply for a WA Pest Management Technician Licence and select the appropriate WA endorsements for which you are qualified. The types of treatments/activities covered by WA Licence endorsements may vary from other States so there may be additional qualification requirements to become eligible for particular occupational endorsements applicable to holding a WA Licences.

Last reviewed: 13-07-2023