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WA Government Intellectual Property Policy 2023

The Policy aligns with the WA Government IP Policy 2023 (external site), the purpose of which is to provide guidance to WA Government agencies in relation to the creation, protection, management, use and disposal of IP

WA Government Intellectual Property Policy: agency toolkit

The WA Government IP Toolkit (external site) includes guidance resources to help WA Government agencies understand and implement the requirements of the WA Government Intellectual Property Policy.

IP Australia

IP Australia (external site) is the Australian Government agency that administers IP rights and legislation for patents, trade marks, design rights and plant breeder's rights.

NHMRC national principles of IP management for publicly funded research

The NHMRC National principles of IP management (external site) provide guidance on the ownership, promotion, dissemination, exploitation and, where appropriate, protection of IP generated through Australian Government funded research by public sector institutions.

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