WA Child Research Fund

Applications have now closed for the WA Child Research Fund (WACRF) 2020/21 funding program.

The WACRF program was jointly established by the Department of Health and the Channel 7 Telethon Trust in 2012 to fund health and medical research that focuses on the health of children and adolescents in WA.

The key aims of the WACRF are to:

  • Fund research of direct significance to the health of children and adolescents.
  • Enhance the translation of research findings into evidence-based health policy and practice.
  • Contribute to integrating research capability across universities, research institutes and health services by encouraging the development of research-policy-practice clusters.

Funded research activities may be wide-ranging but must address areas of direct significance to child and adolescent health. Research may include basic, clinical, health service, or population health.

Projects may be awarded up to $250,000 and must be completed within 24 months. Project selection will be based on competitive merit.

Program status: Closed for applications

The program is not currently open for applications. The following may be accessed as reference documents:

Any queries related to the program can be directed to the Research and Innovation Office.


Last reviewed: 01-04-2021
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