Medication Chart Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers insofar as they provide publicly-funded inpatient care (and mental health outpatient care) and Contracted Health Entities to the extent that this Policy forms part of their contract.

Description: Minor amendment to MP 0078/18 v.1.1, wording within the WA Anticoagulation Medication Chart revised to clarify information under Nomogram for modifying rate of administration for Venous Thromboembolism and Acute Coronary Syndrome, revised version MP 0078/18 v.1.2. 

The WA Medication Chart Policy mandates the implementation of a suite of standardised medication charts for prescribing and administration of medications for inpatient care.

Use of standardised medication charts leads to improved consistency and safety of documentation for prescribing and administering medication.

The medication charts required to be implemented include:

  • The Adult WA Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme Hospital Medication Chart (abbreviated to the WA Hospital Medication Chart, orWA HMC) - 'Short Stay' version and 'Long Stay' version. 
  • The WA Paediatric National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) - 'Short Stay' version and 'Long Stay' version. 
  • The WA Adult Anticoagulation Medication Chart. 
  • For adult mental health patients, where required: 
    • WA Adult Clozapine Initiation and Titration Chart; 
    • Agitation and Arousal 'PRN' Chart (PRN, or pro re nata - when required); and 
    • Intramuscular Long-Acting Injection Chart (Depot Antipsychotic) 
The Intramuscular Long-Acting Inject Chart (Depot Antipsychotic) is to be implemented in public mental health outpatient facilities.

The WA Hospital Medication Chart (WA HMC) and WA Paediatric National Inpatient Medication Chart (WA Paediatric NIMC) templates have been adapted from of the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) Prescription Benefits Scheme Hospital Medication Chart (PBS HMC) and Paediatric National Inpatient Medication Chart (Paediatric NIMC) respectively with additional WA specific requirements.

Date of effect: 19 April 2018

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