22 November 2021

Keeping Culture Safe and Strong: Vaccination Focus

A new five-week program, “Keeping Culture Safe and Strong: Vaccination Focus” was announced on 19 November 2021.

The program provides more opportunities for Aboriginal people to receive COVID-19 vaccinations.

Vaccine Commander with community leaders in the Pilbara.
The Vaccine Commander met with community leaders while launching the new focus in the Pilbara.

This ‘Focus’ is about strengthening the existing vaccination program to address a vulnerable cohort of Western Australians. It will make COVID-19 vaccinations more convenient for people in urban, regional and remote areas of WA.

The entire approach will be a collaborative effort to empower local communities, governments and groups to recognise the importance of COVID-19 vaccines and become actively involved in the vaccination rollout.

The Aboriginal Health Council of WA (AHCWA) is an important advocate for vaccination among Aboriginal people. Community members are encouraged to visit the website (external link) and access bespoke resources offering information and guidance on COVID-19 and vaccination.

These posters, leaflets, videos and other resources are for anyone to download and distribute as they work to promote the free and safe Pfizer vaccine.

In his announcement, Vaccine Commander Chris Dawson said “’Keeping Culture Safe and Strong: Vaccination Focus’” is a tailored, multi-pronged approach that is Aboriginal community-driven and health-led. It relies on important stakeholders like you to share these information resources and support local people with their decision to get the jab.”