3 August 2022

Graduate Development Program: Applications now open

Applications are now open for the 2023 WA Health Graduate Development Program.

Applications for the 2023 Graduate Development Program now open.

The WA Health Graduate Development Program (GDP) attracts well-rounded graduates who are looking for a jumpstart into a career.

The GDP is made up of 4 program streams, each designed to develop key skills based on the graduate’s academic background, areas of expertise and personal interests.

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Applications for all for streams are now open, closing Monday 8 August 2022.

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Graduate Development Program streams

General corporate

The program involves three rotational placements across the WA health system giving a unique insight into corporate, policy and operational areas of the business.

Previous placements have offered Graduates experience in:

  • strategic planning
  • project management
  • policy development
  • process and service improvement
  • budget development and reporting
  • health promotion
  • marketing
  • activity based funding analysis
  • data quality assessments
  • workshop planning and facilitation.

We are looking for university graduates who come from a broad range of non-clinical backgrounds as diverse as health sciences, business and commerce, the arts, mathematics, statistics, law and political science.

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Finance and business

Providing experience in the range of business, financial and information management the Finance and Business stream is perfect for university graduates with an interest in accounting, finance, legislative compliance, business systems and service improvement.

Graduates experience with:

  • business case analysis
  • cost modelling
  • clinical costing
  • strategic planning and forecasting
  • business improvement
  • quality control
  • financial reporting
  • risk management
  • financial governance
  • revenue and expenditure analysis.

During the 12-month program, Graduates are also given the opportunity to complete a few fully funded units towards either a CPA or CA qualification. Study leave is provided to assist with the completion of units.

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Information and communications technology

Offering graduates experience in database development, ICT risk management, information security, policy development and more, the program is gives graduates a head start in WA Health whilst equipping them with skills that are essential to any career in the public or private sector.

Some of our most successful Graduates in the ICT stream have come from degrees such as Information technology, Cyber-security, Computer science, Mathematics, Data management and Software engineering.

Graduates are provided with a range of training and development opportunities, including:

  • leadership development opportunities
  • executive shadowing and
  • career coaching opportunities.

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Data analysis

This stream, is applicable to, but not limited to, data analysis-related degrees such as mathematics, statistics, economics, information technology and computer science as well as health-related degrees such as health science, population/public health and psychology, works to equip each graduate with essential skills in the public and private sector.

Previous placements have offered Graduates experience in:

  • activity, workforce and economic modelling
  • data and information governance
  • performance reporting
  • performance indicator development and implementation
  • dashboard development
  • system analysis

In this role graduates will provide data analysis, research, policy and project support across the Department of Health. This involves the extraction, manipulation and analysis of data, using investigative techniques to identify valid data trends and develop solutions to manage data anomalies.

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