Aboriginal environmental health

WA has approximately 300 Aboriginal communities mostly located on Crown Land and in remote areas accommodating some 17,000 people. There are serious and widespread environmental health problems facing the Aboriginal population. These include:

  • inadequate and poorly maintained housing
  • lack of suitable sewage facilities
  • inadequate and poor quality water supplies
  • lack of other basic facilities such as power, drainage, communications and roads.

Service Provider reporting 

Service Providers are required to report on a six-monthly basis to the Department of Health. The reporting periods are January-June (due mid-August) and July-December (due mid-February). Please use the Service Provider reporting template below for this process.

Campfire newsletter

The Environmental Health directorate produce the Campfire newsletter for environmental health practitioners working with Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Latest editions:

Guidance materials

A range of guidance materials are available to assist environmental health practitioners with their role.

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