Health Executive Policy

Applicable to: This policy is applicable to all Health Service Providers.

Description: The Health Services Act 2016 (Act) establishes the Health Executive Service (HES). The HES comprises persons holding offices that are the subject of a written determination by the Director General (health executives) and the Chief Executives of health service providers (CEs).

The purposes of the HES are to provide for a group of executive officers who are able to work in HES offices across the WA health system and are capable of:

  • furnishing high level strategic and operational advice and undertaking managerial responsibilities in hospitals and health services; and 
  • promoting efficiency and effectiveness of hospital and health services.

For Board governed Health Service Providers, the Board is the employing authority of health executives. The Boards have authorised the CE of their Health Service Provider to exercise these powers on the Board’s behalf. For CE governed Health Service Providers, the CE is the employing authority of health executives.

This Health Executive Policy (Policy) sets out the minimum mandatory requirements to provide a consistent, flexible, transparent and robust governance approach for the selection, appointment and management of health executives. This Policy details mandatory requirements in relation to: 

  • classification; 
  • appointment and remuneration; 
  • performance assessment; 
  • termination; and 
  • monitoring and reporting. 

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Employment Policy Framework pursuant to section 26(2)(h) of the Health Services Act 2016

Date of effect: 11 December 2017

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