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Assistance with travel costs to receive medical care

WA Health provides financial assistance to eligible Western Australians who need to travel to receive medical care.

Planned community transport

The Planned Community Transport service provides financial subsidy to patients travelling between community locations in the Perth metropolitan area, such as from hospital to home, or home to medical facilities.

To be eligible for the service, patients must be a Western Australian resident, have a written referral from a medical practitioner specifying that it is clinically necessary for them to be transported using the service, and be over the age of 65 (or 55 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples').

Patients who receive an aged care pension are eligible for free transport, while patients who do not receive an aged care pension are eligible for 50 per cent reduced cost.

Country and interstate travel

WA Health provides travel and accommodation support for permanent country Western Australian residents who need to travel more than 100kms (one-way) to access treatment away from home.

Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS)

The Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS) provides financial subsidy towards travel and accommodation to eligible permanent country residents who need to access specialist medical services that are not available close to their homes.

There are eligibility requirements and the PATS Scheme does not cover all costs associated with travelling to attend a specialist appointment.

Visit the WA Country Health Service website to find out more about PATS assistance (external site).

Interstate Patient Travel Scheme (IPTS)

The Interstate Patient Travel Scheme (IPTS) provides travel and accommodation support to permanent WA residents who need to travel interstate to obtain essential, specialist medical treatments that are not available in WA.

The IPTS covers travel expenses such as return economy airfare from the patient’s place of residence to the interstate health care unit, reasonable accommodation, taxis to and from the airports and in some circumstances for Health Care Card holders, a living away allowance.

There are also eligibility requirements for medical services under this Scheme.

Find out more about the IPTS.

Last reviewed: 15-08-2022
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