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Caring for your hydrocolloid dressing

When this dressing is applied to your burn a soft fluid/gel forms underneath. This fluid/gel keeps the burn moist and allows healing to occur.

  • This dressing holds onto the wound fluid. You can expect the fluid underneath to be a tan colour and have a smell. This is normal.
  • If the fluid is leaking from under the dressing it needs to be changed
  • The dressing is waterproof so you can shower with it on. You do not need to cover it in a plastic bag for the shower.
  • The nurse will look for signs of infection when changing the dressing.
  • This dressing can stay on for a number of days. If the nurse wants you to change the dressing, you will be given instructions on how to do this.

At all times if you are concerned about your burn or your pain increases you should contact the Burns clinic or seek medical advice:

  • See your doctor.
  • Ring healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222.


State Burns Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital

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