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Central Referral Service – improving the patient referral system

What is the Central Referral Service?

The Central Referral Service (CRS) processes referrals for initial public specialist outpatient appointments across all WA metropolitan hospital sites.

When you require a public specialist outpatient appointment, your GP will send your referral to the CRS where experienced nurses and clerical staff will review your referral and allocate it to the most appropriate hospital. Once the referral is allocated to a hospital, the hospital will then assign an outpatient appointment.

Why does WA have a centralised referral processing service?

The CRS provides a coordinated and sustainable model for outpatient referral management across the WA health system.

There are many factors involved in finding the most appropriate hospital or specialist for each patient referral. The CRS considers all the necessary information to enable patients to receive care within a clinically-appropriate timeframe, in the most suitable location and with the level of health service required.

How CRS benefits you?

We believe in right care, right place, right time.

The CRS ensures your referral is sent to the most appropriate hospital within clinically appropriate timeframes.

By ensuring referrals are sent to the most appropriate hospital from the beginning of the referral process, wait times for initial public specialist outpatient appointments will be minimised.

More information

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