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Cockburn cement

Dust and odour from Cockburn cement has been the subject of contention in the local community for a number of years. Despite the improvements in stack (chimney) emissions, dust from exposed stockpiles, graded roads and open areas may be a source of dust in the community under certain wind conditions.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has issued an updated operating licence to Cockburn Cement Ltd. (CCL) that requires tighter controls and extra monitoring so their contribution to dust in the community can be better understood. Intermittent odour emissions continue although the Cockburn Cement activity allegedly responsible for the odour has not been identified.

What is happening now?

The DWER has initiated an intensive community participation program to investigate dust and odours sources in the community. Volunteers have been recruited to participate in the program. Information about the program is available on the DWER website (external site). DWER will be sharing the information with the Department of Health. The Department of Health has provided information to general practitioners on health effects of industrial air pollution and anyone concerned about their health should speak with their doctor.

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