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Community Child Health Program

Child and Adolescent Health Service’s Community Child Health (external site) provides free healthcare services from birth to school age for your child and family to help raise healthy kids in Western Australia.

It offers:

What is a child health appointment?

Child health nurses are specially trained in child and family health. They offer free, health and development checks at key stages of your child’s life in your home, at a local child health centre (external site) or at other community venues.

At a child health appointment, your nurse will check your child’s health and development.

At these appointments you can also get:

  • support for you and your family about parenting, healthy lifestyles and general health
  • immunisation information including where and when to get your child’s free immunisations
  • a link to other health services in hospital and in the community.

Your child health nurse appointments are a great opportunity to discuss how your child is progressing with their health and development. You can also ask any questions and talk about concerns you may have.

All services are free, and you can ask for a free telephone interpreter if you need one.

The recommended child health appointments are when your child is:

Find out what happens at these recommended child health appointments (external site).

How can I make a child health appointment?

If you’ve just had your baby, a community child health nurse will contact you to arrange your first appointment.

This appointment will probably be at your home before your baby is 14 days old.

The nurse will also book in your 8-week appointment during this visit.

Perth metropolitan area

You can register for your next child health appointment online (external site) up to 8 weeks in advance, or call 1300 749 869, 8.30am to 5pm on weekdays.

Regional WA

If you live in country WA you can make and reschedule appointments by calling your local child or community health centre.

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Last reviewed: 24-11-2022

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