Quarantine and isolation

What does quarantine mean?

People need to quarantine if they have been assessed as being at greater risk of having COVID-19 (for example they may have had close contact with someone who is unwell with COVID-19 or have just returned from overseas or interstate).

Quarantine means you must remain in your home, hotel room or other accommodation for 14 days, unless otherwise directed by an authorised officer.

During this period, you should not have contact with anyone else who resides in the premises chosen for your quarantine. You must take all precautionary measures to ensure you remain a physical distance of 1.5m.

For more information please refer to Quarantine after being tested: High-risk and low-risk tested persons (PDF 138KB)

What does isolation mean?

People need to isolate if they have tested positive to COVID-19.

People who test positive to COVID-19 will need to stay in isolation until they are cleared by WA Health.

How long will I have to quarantine for?

Your quarantine will begin from the date and time that was specified in your relevant Direction and will generally last 14 days, unless advised otherwise by an authorised officer.

If you have been issued a quarantine direction under the Controlled Border Directions, the day of your arrival into WA is day 0. Day 14 will be 14 days after the day of your arrival. For example:

  • if you arrive in WA at 8.00am on 20 August, day 0 will be 20 August, and day 14 will be 3 September. Your quarantine will end at 12.01am on 4 September.
  • if you arrive in WA at 10.00pm on 30 August, day 0 will be 30 August, and day 14 will be 13 September. Your quarantine will end at 12.01am on 14 September.

For more information on quarantine and isolation please refer to the following:

Last reviewed: 18-01-2022

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Coronavirus information helplines: 13 COVID (13 268 43). Interstate callers: 1800 595 206. International callers: +61 8 9118 3100.