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Creative Expression Centre for Arts Therapy (CECAT) – classes and programs

Arts therapy groups

Use art processes for personal reflection, self-awareness, problem solving and emotional expression within a confidential group, for a set period of weeks. These groups promote creative coping strategies and development of self-identity. This involves shared discussion of the creative process.

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Arts skills therapy groups with instruction and support

Explore a variety of art skills and media over a period of time. These are weekly open groups and no prior artistic skills are required. You can learn 2D and 3D art skills such as ceramics, painting, textiles, photography, multimedia and printing to express yourself through. Note that some materials may incur a cost.

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Open studios and project groups

These sessions allow you to work independently or with minimal semi-structured support on your own art project during open studio times in large 2D and 3D studios. Staff can help as needed. Working on shared group projects like murals or mosaics may be possible.

clay figure of tree with flowers at base

Central Institute of Technology Certificate III in Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft

These accredited classes are offered to people who have been attending CECAT for at least 3 months. Group outings and a final exhibition of works are included. Classes run for 3 hours, once or twice a week. Fees apply for the course and materials.

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Individual art therapy sessions

These sessions involve using the art process to work on in-depth personal issues related to your mental health. You may request individual sessions with one of our art therapists in a confidential environment.

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Creative Expression Centre for Arts Therapy (CECAT)

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