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Diabetes services

There are a number of services that people with diabetes can use to manage their diabetes and to keep as healthy as possible. The services include medical review, education on diabetes, advice on healthy eating, services that focus on emotional wellbeing, podiatry and physical activity programs that may be provided by a physiotherapist.

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Diabetes educators/nurses

Educators and specialist nurses can help you to learn more about how to manage your diabetes, and to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.


Talking with a dietitian can help to set you on the right path to a healthier lifestyle. A dietitian can provide you with a personalised eating plan and give advice on how to change recipes to suit your lifestyle.


A podiatrist will check your bare feet to assess whether you have a low or high risk of developing serious foot problems. People with high risk feet must take special care to avoid further problems. If you have high risk feet, you are advised to see a registered podiatrist with experience in helping people with diabetes.

Physical activity programs

Appropriate exercise and fitness programs that fit your lifestyle can be developed by physiotherapists or exercise physiologists.

Healthy lifestyle programs

DiabetesWA offers My Healthy Balance (external site) a free online program allowing individuals to work through a structured program at their own pace.

Heart Foundation offers healthy eating, living, and active lifestyle advice. This advice can be found on the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Eating website (external site) and the Active Living website (external site)

Where to get help

Phone the Diabetes WA Helpline on 1300 001 880.

If you live in the Great Southern or Wheatbelt regions of WA you may be eligible to take advantage of the Health Navigator (external site) program. This program supports clients to self-manage chronic conditions.

If you live in rural or remote regions of WA and don't have close access to diabetes education, you can take advantage of the free diabetes management education and support service – Telehealth for Country WA (external site), or phone 1300 136 856 and ask for Diabetes Telehealth.

Last reviewed: 27-05-2021

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