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Domestic wastewater overflow – who should respond?

Wastewater service providers may be fully, or partially, responsible for a domestic wastewater overflow if it occurs as a result of a fault or blockage within the sewerage main.

Water Corporation (external site) is the primary wastewater service provider in WA. They respond to many wastewater overflows (including domestic).

There are also other wastewater service providers that have responsibility for the transport, treatment and disposal of sewage. These include:

  • local government authorities
  • land developers
  • mining companies
  • businesses, organisations or other agencies.

What if I can’t live in my home?

If you cannot live in your home, the person or organisation responsible for the wastewater overflow should provide suitable temporary alternate accommodation.

This arrangement will be for the duration of premise clean-up and remediation.

What if I am responsible?

If the cause of a wastewater overflow is directly related to the sewage system located within the boundaries of your home or property boundaries, then you will be responsible for:

  • cleaning
  • disinfecting
  • repairing
  • replacing any equipment.

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