Children conceived through donor conception are born into nuclear families, however they are also born into an unseen (and possibly quite large) group of half-siblings who share half their genetic traits and also share questions about the roots of their own identity.

Donor siblings, children who share a donor and/or half-siblings, are often compelled to seek more information about one another and may even wish to connect and form relationships. There can be several challenges for donor-conceived teens and young adults navigating the process of finding, contacting and building relationships with their half siblings. DCIS helps you to join the register and start the process of connecting with those donor siblings already registered.

Access to information

The DCIS holds information provided to the register by donors, donor offspring and other relevant parties in Western Australia. The DCIS supports all people connected through donor conception in a fair and equitable manner.

If you are seeking information that you believe you are entitled to access, please reach out to the DCIS. Further information will assist us in assessing whether this is a possibility i.e. treatment details and consent forms.

Siblings of a donor conceived child


Free linking service for those connected through donor conception treatment.

If you wish to contact those whom you are connected with through donor conception treatment, each party must register and consent to this on the DCIS register. Contact outside of this arrangement is not advised unless you have concerns of a serious nature and DCIS has not been able to assist you with addressing these.

What information can I find out?

Types of information lodged by previous applicants have included:

  • Medical history
  • Physical features
  • Cultural and family background
  • Hobbies
  • Photos.

There is no requirement to lodge all or any of this information. It is entirely at your discretion.

You may also wish to lodge a no-contact request.

Is consent required?

Yes, all parties must consent prior to information being released. 

Where to get help

Donor Conception Information Service
Phone:0457 619 376

Support groups

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