Going home (video transcript)

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Before you leave hospital, make sure you are given a discharge summary about your diagnosis and treatment from your doctor. You should also check that a copy of the summary is sent to your GP as it will help them to manage your ongoing health care.

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When you're ready to go home, ask your doctor, nurse or pharmacist to run through each medication with you and a family member or carer. If any of your medications change or new ones are added, remember to update your medication list when you get home.

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When you are unwell or recovering from surgery, infection can delay your recovery and make you feel worse. But you can minimise your risk of developing infection by avoiding close contact with anybody who has an infection and asking people not to visit if they are unwell. If you have an open wound, follow instructions about treatment and care closely and wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

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Always cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wash your hands immediately.

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Emotional and lifestyle adjustments are common after serious illness or major surgery so you needn't feel embarrassed or ashamed if you're depressed or having trouble coping.

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You may find it helpful to talk to somebody like a friend, health professional or patient support group. Contact your GP immediately if you have any concerns about your condition after leaving hospital.


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