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Immunisation in pregnancy (video transcript)


Hi I'm doctor Paul Effler the Immunisation Coordinator for the Western Australia Department of Health.


Immunisations are one of the most important things we can do to protect the health of our communities. 


Here in Australia we are lucky that we're able to offer free vaccinations to those who need it most, including pregnant women. If you're pregnant and want to protect your health and that of your baby please talk to your GP (General Practitioner), midwife or obstetrician about vaccinations.


I'm obstetrician myself, I deliver hundreds of women every year and they all want the same thing, they want everything to be done to make their baby safe.


Part of that is immunisation against influenza, pregnant women are at greater risk of influenza than any other healthy adults, they are more likely to get very sick from influenza infection.


It's important that we start to regard that needle as every bit as important as taking folic acid prior to conceiving and turning up regularly to see a midwife or doctor during your pregnancy.


Immunisation against influenza is so important because it not only affords protection to the mother, but it also affords protection to the baby for the first

six months of life, a time where they're more vulnerable to infection with influenza and also a time when they cannot be immunised safely themselves.


We know that influenza immunisation is perfectly safe and it's a free any stage during the pregnancy.

Tens of thousands of women all around the world have been immunised safely against influenza for many years,  it's a very, very important public health measure.

This is one of the most important things that a pregnant woman can do during her pregnancy.


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