Protecting youth from tobacco

29 May 2020

With World No Tobacco Day on Sunday 31 May, young people in Western Australia are reminded to avoid smoking.

Guy snapping a cigarette in two

Fewer young people in WA are taking up smoking than ever before. A 2017 survey of Western Australian students showed that 83 per cent of people aged 12 to 17 had never smoked.

However, most smokers take up smoking during adolescence, and it has been shown that the earlier people start, the more difficult it can be to quit.

The Western Australian Quitline service offers confidential telephone advice and information on 13 78 48 and an anonymous web-chat service (external site) and they are equipped to support young people.

Smoking prevention resources for young people, their parents and teachers is available at Smarter than Smoking (external site).

Information and support is also available at Make Smoking History (external site).