Remove and replace your asbestos cement roof

15 June 2020

The HomeBuilder grant (external site) is available to those who wish to substantially renovate their homes.  When considering what renovations you should do, consider removing and replacing your asbestos cement roof or any other asbestos containing products in and around your home. 

grey asbestos roof

Asbestos roofs have been around for decades and most have reached or are close to the end of their useful life.  Roofs are also subject to more weathering and damage than other asbestos containing products.  There are lots of good reasons to plan for asbestos cement roof removal now rather than later:

  • it is much safer and economical to remove a roof before it reaches a poor condition
  • it is a job that requires professional and licensed asbestos removalist
  • it is difficult and costly to clean and maintain the roof in a safe and effective way and without causing contamination
  • coating and repairs are only a short-term solution. Replacement costs for asbestos roofs will increase as the roof deteriorates as more care is necessary in removal and surrounding contaminated materials and surfaces may also need to be removed and disposed of as asbestos contaminated material
  • a new roof can support solar panels, ducted air conditioning systems or other installations
  • fire and storm damage can lead to high clean-up costs and can result in contamination of materials and surfaces that will need to be cleaned or disposed as asbestos-contaminated material.

WA Health, which leads Australia on many asbestos risk management issues, considers that asbestos roof removal should be a local priority. Consequently, it has published a detailed Guidance Note on Asbestos Cement Roofs (external site) which outlines the associated risks and management.


  • Use a an asbestos removalist that is licensed for this work by WorkSafe
  • Never use high pressure water equipment to clean a roof.