World Hepatitis Day

28 July 2020

Hepatitis B and C affects more than 400,000 people across Australia.

World Hepatitis Day 2020 with a variety of  cartoon faces on a blue background

Many people do not know they have hepatitis or that they may be at risk of contracting hepatitis. Worldwide, approximately 290 million people are unknowingly living with viral hepatitis.

This year World Hepatitis Day (external site) focuses on ‘Finding the missing millions’ – that is finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care.

There is a cure for hepatitis C and treatment for hepatitis B.

Stronger liver, stronger you campaign

HepatitisWA’s new Strong liver Strong you campaign celebrates the healthy choices of communities across WA by making the bold decision to get tested for hepatitis.

As part of the campaign, 25,000 cups will be distributed across WA encouraging people to ‘gauge your strength and know your risk’ by speaking to their doctor and getting tested.

Get tested, get treated

You may be at risk if you have:

  • a history of injecting drug use
  • tattoos or piercings
  • received organ, tissue or blood pre-1990
  • been born in a country with high hepatitis rates
  • an intimate sexual partner with hepatitis
  • ever been in prison
  • occupational exposure to blood.

Talk to your doctor and find out your risk or call:

Hepatitis WA Helpline

Metro: (08) 9328 8538
Country (free call): 1800 800 070