World Hepatitis Day – 'Hepatitis Can't Wait'

28 July 2021

World Hepatitis Day: hepatitis can't wait

This year’s World Hepatitis Day theme, ‘Hepatitis Can’t Wait’ highlights the need to act now to eliminate hepatitis.

Every 30 seconds a person dies from a hepatitis related illness.

In Australia, over 340,000 people are living with chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C and both can cause long term health issues, liver failure, cancer and even death if left untreated.

How does viral hepatitis spread?

Hepatitis C is transmitted by blood to blood contact such as intravenous drug use, unsterile tattooing or piercing, sharing razors or a toothbrush that may contain traces of infected blood.

Hepatitis B can be passed on through contact from someone infected with hepatitis B via blood or other body fluids (e.g. semen and vaginal fluid during sex) and can be passed on from mother to child during childbirth.

How can it be treated?

Hepatitis B is vaccine preventable and treatment is available to lessen the progress of liver damage.

Hepatitis C is curable. There is a simple and affordable treatment available which cures hepatitis C in 95% – 98% of cases.

Talk to your GP or health worker about hepatitis B and C and request a simple blood test.

Don’t wait. Get tested. It could save your life.

For more information visit HepatitisWA (external site) or call the Hepatitis WA Helpline:

  • Metro: (08) 9328 8538
  • Country (free call): 1800 800 070