Keeping track of outpatient appointments made easier with Manage My Care app

24 May 2022

People are encouraged to tap into Manage My Care – WA Health’s first digital mobile and web-based app to track real-time scheduling of outpatient appointments and specialist referrals.

Manage My Care logo and a mobile phone displaying the app

The Manage My Care app makes it easier for people and their carers to track their outpatient care by giving a digital way to see upcoming outpatient appointments and receive real-time updates if there are any changes to their appointments.

People can also easily see details of their upcoming appointments and update their demographic and next-of-kin details within the app.

Manage My Care is available at public metropolitan hospitals and in regional areas statewide.

The Department of Health is also promoting Manage My Care with a digital advertising campaign.

The Manage My Care App is available from app stores or via web-browser.

Read more about Manage My Care and sign up now.