Don't risk your eyesight in a solar eclipse

13 March 2023

Dr Hessom Razavi

A new suite of videos from the Department of Health urges people to take precautions to reduce potential for permanent eye damage during the solar eclipse in April.

A partial eclipse will be visible across most of Western Australia on 20 April.

Exmouth and the North West Cape will experience a total solar eclipse lasting just over a minute, which will see the moon cover the entire sun.

The videos feature Lions Eye Institute ophthalmologist Dr Hessom Razavi, who advises people to never look directly at the sun with the naked eye during an eclipse, supervise children and take special precautions if using solar eclipse glasses.

The videos explore topics such as safe viewing techniques, the risks of eclipse viewing with a mobile phone and other devices, how to protect children, and what to do if you’re worried about eye damage after an eclipse.

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