Solar eclipse eye safety reminder

19 April 2023

A total solar eclipse will take place just before 11.30 am on 20 April 2023 in the Ningaloo region of Western Australia and will last for 62 seconds.

A partial solar eclipse may be visible from other parts of Western Australia between 10 am and 2 pm.

The only way to guarantee that you don't get eye damage is by viewing the eclipse indirectly.

Indirect methods include:

Children and teenagers are most at risk of eye damage, and should be supervised during the eclipse to ensure they don't look directly at the sun.

Solar Eclipse glasses are not recommended.

We do not recommend viewing the eclipse directly, including using solar eclipse glasses because:

  • their quality cannot be guaranteed
  • they may not block enough light
  • there may be scratches, cracks or pin hole defects
  • they frequently do not fit the face well and light can reach the eyes from the gaps.

If you choose to use solar eclipse glasses despite the risks, check the glasses meet ISO-12312-2020 certification.

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