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  • Danielle Loizou-Lake, Project Lead-Disability Health Projects, National Disability Services

    Reducing delays for people with a disability

    To help improve the hospital experience and discharge times for people with disability in WA, a project team has been set up to share insights, explore issues, generate ideas, and develop and test solutions.

  • PrideFEST 2020: 14 to 28 November

    Support for PrideFEST 2020

    Due to COVID-19, PRIDE WA had to cancel this year’s parade and WA Health will have to wait until 2021 for the opportunity to show our support on the streets of Perth.

  • Play it food safe: clean, separate, cook, chill

    Food poisoning: more common than you think

    Food poisoning is more common than you think and cost the WA community around $18 million last year with most of it occurring at home.

  • woman sitting cross-legged on the floor using her laptop

    Tobacco legislation review

    Have your say. Contribute to a review of Western Australia’s tobacco control laws.

  • Ross River virus warning for the South West

    The Department of Health is reminding residents and travellers in the South West of Western Australia, including the Peel region, to take additional precautions to prevent mosquito bites over the coming months. 

  • World Hepatitis Day 2020 with a variety of  cartoon faces on a blue background

    World Hepatitis Day

    Hepatitis B and C affects more than 400,000 people across Australia.

  • People in the community

    Picture of wellness captured in asymptomatic COVID-19 testing

    The two-week COVID-19 testing blitz on people not showing symptoms across Western Australia has ended with no positive cases detected.

  • grey asbestos roof

    Remove and replace your asbestos cement roof

    When considering what renovations you should do, consider removing and replacing your asbestos cement roof or any other asbestos containing products in and around your home. 

  • Guy snapping a cigarette in two

    Protecting youth from tobacco

    With World No Tobacco Day on Sunday 31 May, young people in Western Australia are reminded to avoid smoking.

  • illustration of family walking in front of a sunset with the colours of the Aboriginal flag

    The journey of health and wellbeing

    The Journey of Health and Wellbeing animated video helps to promote understanding of Aboriginal people’s experience from colonisation to the present day.