Advancing your career as a Registered Nurse (RN)

Becoming an RN enables you to create a career path that is unique to your needs and interests. As you consolidate your basic nursing skills and confidence you can progress from an RN 1.1 through to a 1.9 across a nine year time frame. Earlier opportunities for promotion are available to those seeking alternative nursing roles.

To achieve a promotion you will require an up-to-date CV. For temporary promotional opportunities, such as “acting” in a higher duty role, you will likely need to respond to an expression of interest. Temporary opportunities give you the chance to experience the role and begin to develop the skills required to perform the duties of that role.

Clinical nurse (ANF Level 2)

Need to define and explain have advanced clinical expertise in their specialty

Senior Registered Nurse (ANF Level 3-7)

Need to define and explain with advanced practice nursing expertise. Diversity

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