Global Health Alliance Western Australia (GHAWA)

Global Health Alliance Western Australia (GHAWA) is a strategic partnership of the Department of Health and four universities in Western Australia.

Established in December 2009, GHAWA is an innovative WA Health international health development program that is managed and administered by the  Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office.

GHAWA is passionate about supporting and improving the welfare of women and children through assisting their primary and community healthcare organisations to build on their current capacity.

The program is committed to a collaborative effort focused on international health development undertaken through:

  • deployment of Australian nurses and midwives (predominantly from WA) to participate in community services and deliver professional development education; 
  • creating opportunity for nursing and midwifery students to gain experiential learning through clinical placements in a developing country; and 
  • providing a framework for a comprehensive research program that can position WA as a leading state, and internationally, for transcultural health improvement.

GHAWA provides international consultancy and further design, develop and implement capacity building programs to meet the needs of specific projects. Our focus correlates with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for health


Student Clinical Placement

As part of the collaboration with four Western Australian Universities, GHAWA facilitates groups of nursing and midwifery students in undertaking clinical placements within a developing country. Our current clinical placement destination is Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The student selection process is done locally through each student's respective university. Logistical and clinical placement management is facilitated through GHAWA. Additionally, international travel grants offered by the Western Australian Department of Health are awarded to eligible students undertaking a GHAWA clinical placement.

Interested students should refer any questions about the GHAWA clinical placement program to their university.

Academic and Clinical Experts

As part of the Tanzania program, GHAWA seeks to deploy nursing and midwifery academics and expert practitioners to the Dar es Salaam region.

Academics, expert nurses and midwives are required to provide academic and clinical education support towards the partnership programs in Tanzania whilst on placement.

The following financial grants are available for eligible candidates:

  • International Travel Grant of up to $2,000 for nursing and midwifery students, and qualified nurses and midwives;
  • Global Health Fellowships of up to $20,000 to nurses and midwives undertaking clinical research at an international location;
  • Community Service Leave support of up to two weeks base rate of pay for WA Health employees.  

Click here for more information about nursing and midwifery financial grants.

To offer your professional expertise and partake in the GHAWA partnership programs, contact us now.

Last reviewed: 23-09-2019