Growing Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR)

Growing Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) provides on-line curriculum support for teachers in relationships and sexual health education.

The website provides a range of age-appropriate learning activities and background information to assist teachers to plan and deliver high-quality sexual health education programs including:

  • K-10 learning activities aligned to the curriculum
  • online question box to support teachers
  • comprehensive guides: including background notes, essential information and other need-to-know information
  • resources including booklets, brochures, illustrations, guidelines, research, reports, links etc.
  • current professional learning opportunities and workshop events in relationships and sexuality education
  • multimedia: YouTube links and where practical, the use of technology in the classroom.

The GDHR website reflects contemporary knowledge and practice in sexuality education and operates as an online support for educators with a fresh new look and presentation as well as expanded and updated content.

Visit the GDHR website (external site) or contact the GDHR team on

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