HISWA reports

A key function of the Infection Prevention, Policy & Surveillance Unit (IPPSU) is to produce the Healthcare Infection Surveillance Western Australia (HISWA) reports. Routine reports include:

  • quarterly individual hospital reports
  • quarterly aggregate reports
  • quarterly organism reports
  • annual aggregate reports

In addition the IPPSU is required to provide the following reports for performance indicator monitoring:

  • Health Service Performance Reports (HSPR), quarterly
  • Reports to meet Commonwealth Healthcare Agreements requirements e.g. MyHospitals data

Aggregation of data allows for system-wide priority setting, evaluation and benchmarking. Infection rates are risk-adjusted where possible to reflect differences in clinical case-mix between participating hospitals.

Refer to the HISWA Surveillance Manual (Module 1) for information on data analysis and interpretation of reports

Quarterly aggregate reports

Other reports

Reports are available for up to 12 months after publication on this webpage. If you would like a copy of an older report, please email IPPSU.

Last reviewed: 03-01-2024