Application tips for nursing and midwifery fellowships and grants

This is a guide only, but provides some tips on the information that should be considered when applying for a fellowship or grant.

Plan your proposal

The subject headings for your proposal should include:

  • cover page
  • contents page
  • background (brief)
  • purpose and significance of study/research to the nursing and/or midwifery professions
    • research question or hypothesis
    • rationale and objectives
  • research strategy
    • sample
    • inclusions and exclusions
    • design/methodology
    • analysis
  • limitations
  • ethical consideration
  • timeline
  • budget
  • references


Your budget should include any expenses that you may incur during your project.

Some examples include:

  • specialised computer software programs
  • research assistant (this will require details of their hourly rate multiplied by the expected hours of work)
  • computers/printers/paper (quotes should be based on today’s market and not an inflated price)
  • flights/accommodation/visas (the expected cost should be based on actual costs without inflation)
  • any mail/stationary associated expenses.

Please ensure that the budget is correctly tallied up. See example below.

Resource Estimated cost
Analysis software $4000
Research Assistant ($32 per hr x 300 hours) $9600
Laptop $1000
Flights to Melbourne $900
Accommodation for 3 nights $500
Travel/conferences $300
Associated mail cost (60c x 400 letters) $240
Total $16540
Produced by

Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office