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Donor Conception Information Service

The Donor Conception Information Service (DCIS) is designed to support and provide information to people who are donor conceived or participants in donor conception through a licenced fertility clinic in Western Australia.

DCIS recognises that legislation governing collection, storage and use of donor gametes has changed over time.


  • Facilitates eligible individuals’ access to their legally available information held by the Department of Health
  • Provides support and counselling to help people to come to terms with what this information means to them, their lives and the lives of their family
  • Facilitates contact between genetically related people where there is written consent to share the information.

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A donor’s legal children

Donors may have also had their own legal children. These people might have some curiosity about potential genetically related donor siblings and request to contact them through DCIS. This will be possible only if the donor siblings have registered with DCIS and stated their consent for contact. If you are in this situation, please email or call DCIS to discuss this process.


If I have already applied to Jigsaw, do I need to apply to DCIS?

All information collected by Jigsaw is now held by the WA Department of Health and can be included in DCIS searches for matches. No details have been removed or altered.  When a match is identified, we will write to all parties and make a time to discuss their contact preferences. If you have not registered with DCIS by this point, we will then ask you to complete a DCIS application and consent form and statutory declaration which will confirm your identity. If you believe your contact details may have changed since you joined the voluntary register or the Jigsaw database, please fill in a DCIS application form as soon as possible to avoid delays in contact.

How long will it take to get a response after I apply to the DCIS?

Your application will be acknowledged within 2 or 3 days after it is received by DCIS.   

Timeframes for the provision of information varies slightly depending on the amount of work to search data bases and verify the information. The WA Department of Health also writes to the fertility clinic for confirmation of the accuracy of the information held. This may vary slightly from person to person.  Approximations are given and currently the time taken for information to be sent to applicants is 8 weeks for identifying and non-identifying information regarding donors, and 12 weeks for non-identified sibling information. 

If you submitted your application approximately 4 weeks ago, then it will most likely be 4-8 weeks for the information to be available and then to be sent to you.

Will I be able to access information about a donor related person if that person has died?

Other than non-identifying descriptions of donors and donor siblings, no other information can be provided without consent. Responsibility for information sharing, or to engage in conversations or meetings that was agreed by the person before they died, cannot be transferred to any other person. The scope of services for the DCIS does not include engagement with relatives of deceased donors, donor conceived persons or parents of donor conceived persons. Unfortunately, the WA Department of Health does not hold information regarding whether or when a donor has died.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

Application Form

You need to complete an application form to apply for information. This includes a consent form to also hold your personal information and allow the WA Department of Health to search for matched relatives and to advise you of any future matches.

Statutory Declaration of Identity (submit with Application Form)

We need to confirm your identity to process an application for DCIS.  At this time, we require applicants provide obtain a Statutory Declaration of their Identity that is witnessed along with appropriate identity documents (witness professions and ID documents are listed in the form).  Please remember that if a meeting is arranged with DCIS to provide you with information you will also need to bring identity documents to this meeting.

Donor Information Release Agreement

If you are given any identifying information, you will also need to sign an agreement that says you have been counselled and aware of the implications and limitations of the information you receive, and that the information must be held by you confidentially.

Consent to Release Contact Information

If you have a matched relative and wish to provide them with information, you will need to sign a consent form before we can share your details with them.

Will I be able to access health information about my donor?

Donor conceived people and recipient parents can access the non-identifying information that the donor provided at the time of donation. This will only include their known medical information and is not updated.

How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details please submit a new application form (please note a new Statutory Declaration of Identity will be required).  This is to protect your privacy and the integrity of your information.

I have a different question who can I contact?

Please email with any other questions.

Where to get help

Donor Conception Information Service
Phone:0457 619 376
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm

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