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School-based immunisation program

WA’s school-based immunisation program provides free recommended vaccines to WA high school students in years 7 and 10

  • Parents/guardians and adolescents need to consent to vaccinations online via VaccinateWA (external site), or read, sign and return the immunisation consent form provided by their school.
  • If your student misses their vaccine at school, visit your immunisation provider (the vaccine is free, but consultation fees may apply).
  • Contact your school to find out when the program will be delivered in your school.
  • COVID-19 vaccination will also be offered to students aged 12–18 in some metropolitan high schools.

Students are eligible to receive the following vaccines

Consumer medicines and information (CMI)
Number of doses
More information
Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (dTpa) 7 Boostrix® (external site) 1 dose

What are diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (pertussis)?

Information about dTpa vaccination.
Human papillomavirus (HPV) 7 Gardasil9® (external site) 2 doses

What is HPV?

Information about HPV vaccination.
Meningococcal ACWY (Men ACWY) 10 Nimenrix® (external site)
1 dose

What is meningococcal disease?

Information about meningococcal ACWY vaccination.
Ages 12–18 Comirnaty (Pfizer) (external site) 2 doses. May be eligible for booster dose

What is COVID-19?

Information about COVID-19 vaccination.
Information for parents and guardians (including how to consent)

WA Health and local council nursing teams deliver immunisation services within schools.

  • Year 7 (dTpa and HPV vaccination) in two scheduled visits, and
  • Year 10 (Men ACWY vaccination) in one visit across the school year.

It is important that your child receives all their vaccinations for optimal protection against these vaccine-preventable diseases.

For more information on school-based immunisation program contact your school nurse, local government, community health immunisation clinic or public health unit.


Consent must be provided by a parent or guardian for their child/ren to be eligible to receive vaccinations at school.

School-based immunisation consent packs (for years 7 and 10) are provided to students through their school. This pack contains information about the diseases protected against and a consent form.

Consent can be provided either:

  1. online via VaccinateWA (external site)
  2. with the immunisation consent form provided by their child's school. The completed form must be signed and returned to the school, even if they choose not to have their child immunised.

Parents and/or guardians may be contacted by the nurse to clarify information provided.


How to register my child (dependant)
  1. Log in to your VaccinateWA (external site) account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one first.
  2. From your homepage, click on the ‘Manage dependants’ button.
  3. Click ‘Register dependant’ to create a new account for your child.
  4. The ‘Personal information’ screen will be displayed. Fill in details for your child.
  5. Select ‘No’ to WA Health Staff.
  6. Your child’s (dependant’s) VaccinateWA homepage will be displayed. This will include all the vaccination programs they are eligible for. This may include School Based Immunisation Programs. Note: If your child is home schooled they will not be eligible for the School Based Immunisation Program.
  7. Your child’s dashboard for that vaccination program will be displayed, follow the 3 steps below to complete registration.
  8. Complete Step 1: ‘About me’, which requires you to enter the school name and year group.
  9. Complete Step 2: ‘Health Questionnaire’.
  10. Complete Step 3: ‘Consent’. This step will ask you to select a Vaccination Plan, outlining the details of the vaccines you consent to your child receiving. Once you have selected a plan, please click ‘Submit’.

If you have any queries on using VaccinateWA, please call 13 COVID (13 26843).

Immunisation consent form

Parents/guardians should read, sign and return the immunisation consent form provided by their child's school.

More information

After immunisation

Following vaccination, students will receive:

  • a record of vaccine(s) received
  • instructions about care after vaccination.

Vaccines administered through the school-based immunisation program are recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

Catch-up vaccination

If your child misses their vaccine at school, they can receive a catch-up vaccination from a GP, Aboriginal Medical Service or community immunisation clinic (the vaccine is free, but consultation fees may apply).

Persons aged under 20 years old can catch-up if they have not previously received these scheduled vaccines. Refer to catch-up vaccination on the Australian Immunisation Handbook (external site) for more information.

Home-schooled students

Adolescents not attending school who would normally be in years 7 or 10 are still eligible for these vaccines.

Vaccines are provided free, seek these scheduled adolescent vaccines from your immunisation provider (consultation fees may apply).

Last reviewed: 28-11-2022

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