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School-based immunisation program

Free recommended vaccines for students in years 7 and 10

  • Immunisation protects your child against vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Parents, guardians and adolescents can consent for vaccinations via VaccinateWA (external site) (otherwise you can request a hard copy form from school).
  • During the term, you can contact your child's school to find out when the program will be delivered.
  • If your child misses their vaccine at school, visit your immunisation provider (the vaccine is free, but consultation fees may apply).
Year 7 students

Year 7 students are offered:

*From 6 February 2023, adolescents aged 12-13 years will only need one dose of the same (Gardasil®9) human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated.

This change follows the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) (external site) advice that one dose gives excellent protection that is comparable to protection from 2 doses.

If you have already consented for 2 doses of the HPV vaccine, however, once your child receives one dose, they will not need any further doses.

Important information to read before giving consent

Year 10 students

Year 10 students are offered:

The Men ACWY vaccine protects against 4 strains of meningococcal disease disease. 

Important information to read before giving consent

How to provide consent

Consent must be provided by a parent or guardian for their child/ren to receive vaccinations at school.

You are encouraged to provide consent online via VaccinateWA (external site).

*If you're not able to access the online system, you can request a hard copy form from school or print a copy of the school-based immunisation program consent form (PDF 953KB). Note: Details from the paper form will be entered into the VaccinateWA system by school nurses so parents may receive emails from VaccinateWA.

Instructions for consenting online via VaccinateWA

Watch the video below about how to link a dependant (your child) to your VaccinateWA account and register them for a vaccination plan or follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to your VaccinateWA (external site) account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one first (external site).
  2. From your homepage, click ‘Add or manage dependants’.
  3. Click ‘Register dependant’ to create a new account for your child.
  4. The ‘My contact details’ screen will be displayed. Fill in details for your child.
  5. Your child’s (dependant’s) VaccinateWA homepage will be displayed. This will include all the vaccination programs they are eligible for. Select the relevant school-based immunisation program.
  6. Your child’s dashboard for that vaccination program will be displayed, follow the 3 steps below to complete registration.
  7. Complete Step 1: ‘About me’, which requires you to enter the school name and year group.
  8. Complete Step 2: ‘Health Questionnaire’.
  9. Complete Step 3: ‘Consent’. This step will outline the details of the vaccines you consent to your child receiving. Once you have selected your option, click ‘Submit’.

For queries about using VaccinateWA please email or call 6376 0550.

After immunisation

Following vaccination, students will receive:

  • a record of vaccine(s) received
  • instructions about care after vaccination.

Vaccines administered through the school-based immunisation program are recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

When a vaccine is missed at school (catch-up)

Catch-up is for young people who missed out on their vaccinations when they were first eligible.  All eligible individuals are recommended to receive the catch-up vaccine as soon as possible to be protected.

If they missed their vaccination at school, they can receive a catch-up vaccine from another immunisation provider such as at community immunisation clinics, or at participating GPs, pharmacies or Aboriginal Medical Services (the vaccine is free, but consultation fees may apply). Consult your immunisation provider for more information.

Healthy young people aged up to 20 years old can catch-up if they have not previously received the dTpa or MenACWY vaccines.

Healthy young people who receive a single HPV dose before 26 years of age are now considered fully vaccinated and will not need further doses, with some exceptions.

Home-schooled students

Young people not attending school who are in years 7 or 10 are still eligible for these vaccines.

Please see above 'When a vaccine is missed at school'.

Where to get help

For queries about using VaccinateWA please email or call 9222 2486.

Find the contact details for your area below:

Metropolitan Email address Phone number
Metropolitan area Armadale: 9391 2279
Hilton (Fremantle): 6332 0115
Kwinana: 9419 2237
Lockridge: 9279 0133
Mirrabooka: 9345 7151
Perth: 9426 9441
City of Joondalup 9400 4954
Regional Email address Phone number
Great Southern 9842 7500
(Monday - Thursday)
South West 9781 2355
Wheatbelt 9690 1720
Midwest 9956 1985
Goldfields Kalgoorlie/Leonora/Laverton: 9080 8200
Esperance: 9071 0400
Coolgardie/Kambalda/Menzies: 9025 0200
Kimberley 9194 1640
Pilbara Hedland: 9174 1321
Karratha: 9144 7833

Last reviewed: 28-03-2023

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