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Be smart. Keep foods apart 

The majority of food poisoning happens at home.

Separate raw meat, chicken and eggs from ready‑to‑eat food, like salads and fruit. Use separate utensils and chopping boards to prevent cross‑contamination.

Play it Food Safe to prevent food poisoning.


Food safety tips

  • Keep raw meat and seafood, eggs, ready-to-eat food (such as fruit and vegetables) and cooked meals separated in the fridge. Always wrap and store cooked foods above raw foods in the fridge.
  • Keep food covered to protect it from dust, insects, sneezes, etc. Always use a clean cover – never re-use plastic or aluminium wrap.
  • Keep perishable foods hot (above 60 °C) or cold (below 5 °C). Check the temperature of your fridge regularly – in hot weather it may need adjusting to keep food cold.
  • Arrange food in your fridge so cold air can easily circulate around it. Never overstock your fridge. Fridges work better and are cheaper to run if they are defrosted regularly.

More food safety tips:

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Last reviewed: 01-09-2020
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